Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy Second Birthday, Lola!

Today is Lola's second Birthday as a Griffin! Yay! Since I couldn't keep a party hat on her last year, I decided to make this very silly purple neck thingie. She kept it on the whole time and I was proud of her. Happy Birthday, Miss Lola Kitty!
Lola's Birthday!

Lola's Birthday!

Lola's Birthday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us

The Hubs and I have been together five years today. Well, we think it's today. It could have been yesterday. We're pretty sure it's not tomorrow. Although, we're not absolutely sure. I just know that about a week after The Hubs and I met it was April 1st. My ex-fiance thought I was playing an April Fool's joke on him when I told him I was leaving. Yeah. I wasn't.

Five years. Wow. Good times.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Why Does Jason Lewis Have To Yell At Me?

During my morning commute, I listen to MPR on my mp3 player. I'm only on the bus for maybe 20 minutes, so I basically just hear the weather, a brief update on the world's news, and then part of a story that they are featuring on Morning Edition®. When I finally settle in and begin my work (after going to Caribou to get a coffee and then beating myself up that I paid $3.14 for something I could bring from home) I listen to one of the many podcasts I've downloaded the previous day. I mostly listen to the news-y ones fist, followed by some Slate, and then finished off with either a Lost podcast or Movies You Should See. And then, by that time, it's 4pm and time to head home.

While waiting for the bus at the end of the day, I switch my tuner to 100.3. I do this because I had a hard day at work and I'd like to listen to something so outrageous and so comical that it makes me laugh and laugh and therefore I unwind a little. I did this while living in Boston, too. I'd listen to NPR all day long, but then when it was time to leave for the day, I'd listen to Jay Severin on 96.9. You'd think it would have the opposite effect on me, that it would stress me out you know, hearing all these lies and mis truths about the Crazy Liberals that are taking over the world, right? But it doesn't. NPR is serious business. Talk radio? Not so much.

When I switch on KTLK I immediately get my ears blown out by Jason Lewis's voice. I don't understand this man. Why must he scream? about 90% of the time I can't follow what he's saying because I can't get past the screaming! Does he scream when he's off-air, too? Is that his normal voice? WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING, JASON LEWIS? There are some occasions when the volume of his voice comes down a decibel or two, but that's really rare. Do you think Jason Lewis is capable of whispering? Something tells me he hasn't been able to whisper a day is his life. Does he yell at his wife and kids (if he has any) the way he yells on the radio? "HELLO, HONEY! HOW WAS YOUR DAY? TODAY I TALKED MORE ABOUT HOW THE LIBERALS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA! THEN I RECORDED A COMMERCIAL FOR MY 'JASON'S JUGGERNAUTS' CAMPAIGN TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO LOVE GUNS! ISN'T THAT GREAT? HONEY?" I picture his wife putting earplugs in her ears 10 minutes before he's due home. I wouldn't be able to live with that. I mean, ok, I could probably tolerate his screaming over his political views, but I think after a while even that would drive me bonkers.

So every weekday evening as I listen to Jason Lewis scream and yell -even when he's trying to whisper- I can only picture this character Will Ferrell created for SNL. The Voice Imodulation guy. Yeah, that's Jason Lewis in a nutshell.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Leslie & The Ly's

More photos and a recap of the show coming this weekend. I just have to get through my Very Important Thing at work tomorrow and then I'll have time to think more about the awesomeness that is Leslie Hall. Enjoy these photos for now.

I really wanted one of these awesome t-shirts, but I'm presently broke. Oh well. Next time.

Leslie & the Ly's

I want to be BFF's with Leslie Hall. She rocks the spandex so hard.

Leslie & the Ly's

Leslie Hall ROCKED!

I had the best time at the Leslie & the Ly's show last night (despite having to sit through the awful opening bands and dealing with the stink of unwashed beards and dreadlocks) and I can't stop thinking about Gem sweaters and gold lame. I'm now in love with Leslie Hall (don't tell Barack, ok?) and I want to be her BFF. She is gorgeous and funny and put on an amazing show. I am totally going to see her again when she comes back to town.
I got less than 5 hours sleep last night. I'm exhausted. But it was worth it.
Pictures forthcoming.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Dear Friends,
I think I'm in love with Barack Obama.
Honey Bunny

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Leslie and The Ly's!

I got our tickets to the Leslie & the Ly's show at the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday. I can't hardly wait! I missed her last year and I wasn't about to miss out on getting tickets this year.

I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with Leslie Hall, but if you aren't, here's a great piece from NPR on her, her music, and her awesome gem sweaters.

I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it! It's going to be an awesome show.

I hope she plays Midwest Diva, my new favorite Leslie & the Ly's song. Take a listen. It's awesome.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

New Cookin' Blog Post!

Yes, I'm trying to get back into it. I just made a delicious chicken pot pie/chicken -n dumplins 'hot dish'. I think it can be considered a hot dish, right?

Check it out. It's super easy and totally delicious.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Holy Crap!

Tonight's episode of LOST has blown my mind. I can't believe what I saw! The show keeps getting better and better. I'm sad, though, that next week is the last episode until the end of April. Stupid writer's strike.

I'm overjoyed that tomorrow is Friday. This has been a long week. I'm looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing (and laundry) this weekend. I'll try to make a proper post at some point. I've not been a very good blogger as of late.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I'm Alive and Breathing!

I've just been really busy with work. And my best friend from Boston came to visit last week which was awesome. Right now I'm watching the latest episode of No Reservations. I love Mr Bourdain. He's my hero.

How are you?

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Minnesotans Are Winners!

Before my nap today, I briefly looked through the stacks of food and craft magazines my friend Tammy sends me in the mail. For some reason, looking through magazines I would normally never purchase makes me feel better.

The one thing that I kept noticing over and over is that the majority of the contributors and winners of contests in these magazines are women from Minnesota.

What makes women in Minnesota 1) enter crafty, baking, or cooking contests and 2) more likely to win said contests? Is it in their blood? Is it just something Minnesotans enjoy doing? Are they drinking some special water than makes them Champs of the Kitchen? If so, I want in on that action.

For example, this month's winner in the Everyday with Rachel Ray* magazine is Jamie Miller from Maple Grove. She submitted a recipe for the best cheeseburger. Unfortunately, there's no write up on the website, only her recipe for Jerk Pork Cheeseburgers with Green Apple Slaw. If you'd like to read the mini write up about her, it's featured on page 96 of the March 2008 issue. I'm sure the library or your local supermarket is still carrying it.

Also, there are two Minnesotans who had recipes good enough to make it to this years Pillsbury Bake-Off, where the winner gets ONE MILLION DOLLARS! There are tens of thousands of people who enter their recipes every year and to be in the top 100, well, that's impressive for sure. And, since 1960, SIX Minnesotans have won the top Bake-Off prize. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty impressed.

I've been trying to ask the Internets for the past 20 minutes to tell me what's the percentage of Minnesotans that win competitions, as compared to the rest of the country. I'm really curious to know if Minnesotans just tend to win more competitions, or if they enter more, therefore the likelihood of them winning is higher. Why do people in MN like to compete so much? I can't find anything. But then again, I'm pretty sick, and honestly, this might all be a dream right now.

*i'm not a Rachel Ray fan, but I read her magazine because it's free and sometimes it has a good recipe or two