Friday, October 08, 2004

Great Day Off!

yesterday was a nice, relaxing day off for phillip and i. i'm always so happy when we have days off together because it's very rare. next week we don't have any time off together, and to make things worse, i'm working the 12 hour shifts, monday through thursday because my partner is on vacation again. oh well. i really need the money.

phillip and i slept in till about 11:30 or so. we got up, showered and talked about how we wanted to spend the day. we decided to go to the pour house for lunch, then go see a movie, and then stop by avis to see about renting a car for the dance that phillip is DJ-ing at the end of the month.

phillip and i waited for the bus, along with two older women. we see the bus coming down the street, and we both know that it's not going to be able to fit. parked in the bus stop is a guy in a harpoon beer truck, just sitting there, eating his lunch. he sees the bus coming, yet he refuses to move the truck. he starts yelling at the woman who is driving the bus, telling her to call the MBTA and complain about him. the thing that burned me is that he totally thought he was in the right! the guy is illegally parked, eating his lunch, and swearing up and down. the irony? the jerk had a ticket already on his windshield. so of course, i had to take a picture of the idiot:

there he is, yelling at the woman. so when i walked past his truck i shook my head. of course he said "what's your f'in problem?". for all of you that know me, you know i can't let this go. so i say "you're parked in an illegal zone, you're just sitting there eating your lunch, and blocking the way for people to get on the bus. not to mention that you already have one ticket in plain view! that's real smart..." so i got on the bus, and the driver tries to get past the truck. as we're pulling away, the driver of the beer truck looks in the bus window and so i had to give him the finger. hahah! phillip laughed and laughed. i'm glad he doesn't mind that i speak out to total strangers if they are being idiots. i just can't stand for that kind of behavior.

we finally got to the pour house. we haven't been there in a long time. i like that place. we odered our food; i got a cheeseburger club sandwich and phillip got chicken caesar salad. and i let him have my fries, too :)

after lunch, we went to the prudential center and phillip went to the video game store while i looked at sparkly girlie things. i found a ring that i totally loved that was in my size so i bought it.

we walked around the mall and we went to the book store. i also bought Dude, Where's My Country? and a box of christmas cards that was on sale. phillip didn't find anything that interested him, so we went to the theater to buy our tickets. we decided to see The Yes Men. the show was at 3:30. i said to phillip "hey. do you think we'll be able to find a seat?" ;)

haha. it was just us and another couple in there. i love it when the theater is empty!

i thought it was great and really funny. it's about these two guys who pretend to be esteemed members of the World Trade Organization. they go to all these conferences around the world and completely make fun of actual WTO policies and practices, yet no one ever catches on to it and realize that they are pranksters. in finland, they constructed this "future leisure suit" that's made of gold spandex and has an enormous phallus that inflates. the phallus, or 'Employee Visualization Appendage', holds a tv screen so the business manager can monitor his workers, even when he's at the gym or walking in the park.

it's completely absurd, but no one at the conference ever questioned them! the two guys get a ton of applause for their insane presentation, but no one bats an eye. the two keep doing this at different conferences, and also once on CNBC (although not using the same leisure suit presentation) and no one ever points them out as liars and pranksters. it's only at Plattsburg college in NY that the college students actually call them idiots. and that was their goal. to stir up thinking about the WTO and how corporations are de-humanizing trade all over the world. it was a great movie. i hope many people see it.

after the movie, we walked through the christian science center to get to phillip's work. he needed to pick up his schedule for next week. it was such a nice day out. i love the fountains and the reflecting pool. i had to take some pictures quick before the battery died in the camera

we picked up phillip's schedule and then went to avis to rent a car for the 29th. it isn't going to cost all that much, which is good. we just have to make sure we can drop it off after the dance. there's no parking on phillip's street, so we wouldn't be able to keep it overnight if we wanted to.

phillip watched a movie while i played on his computer. at 8:00 we watched survivor. i was pretty upset that brady was voted off. not that i really liked him, but i just don't think those guys have any idea what they are doing with voting off the younger guys. i can't stand bubba, rory, or chris. man, they bug me. and phillip and i can't stand how every woman on the island has fake boobs. ha! i don't know why that bugs us, but it does :)

after survivor, we watched some baseball until we got bored. we decided to go to the ramrod for some drinks and to watch some really bad karaoke! i tried and tried to get phillip to get up and sing me something, but he said he wasn't drunk enough. i can understand that. i wouldn't do it either. i'm just too shy to do stuff like that. but we looked through the songbook anyway, just to see what they had. of course, the music that's listed is mostly ballads and stuff by cher ;) so we drank our drinks and watched the lovely gay boys sing their hearts out. rainbow fright used to be the host, but now there's another drag queen who does it. her name is eve adams (hahaha!) and she was funny just the same. i'm usually the only woman in there, but last night there were a lot of (real) girls, which is cool. we were hoping to hear the guy who sings blondie songs, but we only stayed an hour. that guy cracks me up. it's a good thing it's free, because i wouldn't pay to go and hear some terrible karaoke!

the drag queen hostess. that's a bad dress on her though

a (real) girl singing.

this guy reminded me of one of my ex's. only because he was dressed head to toe in leather. not because he is gay ;)

i think the guy in the white shirt needs to stop working out.

i WILL get phillip to sing one of these days....i SWEAR!

we got home just in time for phillip's favorite tv show: blind date. i was falling asleep so phillip made the bed. i think we fell asleep at about mindnight. it felt like we had a long day, but we were only awake for 13 hours! but it was a great day off. i wish we could have every day off together. oh well. i guess we'll just have to wait till we retire :)

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