Tuesday, November 23, 2004

More Webcam Fun!

are you sick of photo posts yet? ha! i have to post these great pictures i took at work today with my mini camera. in the right lighting and making sure people don't move, it takes pretty good photos. so i took a bunch today of people and things i see all day long.

here's the view from "my office". it's actually not my office, but i sit in here and do work when my partner is up front. that's where we keep the mail ;)

here's a picture of steven, the ladies man. he is nuts. he's always flirting with everyone. EVERYONE!

me in the bathroom. i took a picture of this sign someone wrote that says automatic flush no longer works anymore. please flush by hand., but it didn't turn out. it's irks me because there's no need to say "no longer" and "anymore" in the same sentence. sometimes i hate being a grammar nazi. anyway, here's me in the bathroom at about noon

i usually go to the canteen truck for lunch when i'm in a rush or i don't have a lot of cash. here's jimmy, the canteen truck guy. he's a sweetie. it's fun talking baseball with him. right now he's all about the patriots, and since i hate football, i politely excuse myself.

after i took this picture he asked me if the camera was a toy. i said "nope" and he said "getouttaheah!"

here's a scientist i totally hate. he's such a jerk. he's the one who demanded i do "house keeping" and dusting around the office, because the shelves that the tape drives are on are dusty as hell. that's not my job, jackass! and you know what. right before i took this picture he nearly pushed me trying to get to the pizza jimmy has on the truck. i wanted to scream at him. jerk.

and here's a picture of my friend and co-worker janice. she's the one that keeps trying to tempt me with the nicotine. heh. i'm glad i haven't given in! tomorrow will be three weeks! she's pretty much the only cool person i work with. i kinda miss smoking because we'd tell each other secrets outside and make fun of steven. she calls him "spongesteve pouty pants" hahah! they share an office :)

so that's it. the other pictures didn't turn out. so with this camera it's pretty much hit or miss. but it's pretty fun since you never know what is going to turn out. although i thought i took a lot more today. i guess not. i love my spycam. you all should get one!! :)

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