Tuesday, November 16, 2004

True Story, Y'all!

i was hesitant to write about this earlier, but last night i had a very vivid dream that i won the lottery. of course, in the dream i can see the winning numbers as clear as a bell. but trying to remember them has left me foggy.

i told phillip this afternoon about the dream and he said "did we travel with the money?" i told him we didn't have the chance to plan any vacations yet because in the dream i had only won and not received the cash yet. of course, if i ever DO win the lottery, that's the first thing we'll do. ok, maybe second, after i put away a healthy chunk for our retirement, pay off all our bills, etc.

so fifteen minutes ago i get off the bus and say to myself "self, you should buy a lottery ticket!" so i go into store 24 and ask the guy behind the counter what's the next big winning game. of course, he stares at me blankly and can't help. so i check the board that's hanging there and decide to buy two tickets. they each cost $2. i fill in the little bubbles, trying really hard to remember the numbers that were in my dream. of course, all i can remember is an "8", so i pick that one. oh, and i pick "4" because that's both my birthday and phillip's birthday.

the guy rings me up and before i give him the $4 i say "can i have one of those blue scratch tickets, please?" he points to the yellow one, then the red, and then the holiday themed one. i said "no...BLUE!" he finally gets it and i had him my $5.

i sat down here at my desk and scratch off the winning numbers. wow. they are the numbers "4" and "8". so i say to myself, "self! that's pretty weird!". i keep scratching and what do you know? I WON!

sure, it's only $5, but that's the $5 i used to pay for the tickets. now if any of you know me, i'm not a gambler at all. i can't stand casinos and i hardly ever (maybe like 2 times a year) buy a lottery ticket or scratch off. so this is pretty cool to me. and if any of you know me like phillip knows me, you'll know that i'll be marching my butt back to the store 24 to get my $5 back! i'm not one who buys more tickets. i know when to quit when i'm ahead, or in this case, break even!

so please, cross your fingers and toes tonight that i win the lottery. the prize is small, compared to the big guys (1.8 million), but hey...would YOU turn down almost 2 million dollars?? i didn't think so :)

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