Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Ceremony 1-10-05

last night was a lot of fun. i drank too much and danced a good deal. phillip did an awesome job and he had the dance floor packed through both sets. i don't think i've seen it that crowded in a long time. it was great.

we stayed the whole night, even though i was sleepy and had to get up early for work. but it was fun. i really hope that there are lots of people there next month too. got to talk to a lot of people and i was finally able to introduce and . YAY! they are too cute:

phillip under the blue lights. he's so cute.

me and ronan. can you tell i've had too much to drink?

phillip and ronan. i caught them both making weird faces. they are silly.

take us home! we've gone over the edge! heh.

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