Sunday, January 09, 2005

Online Shopping

i've been using Peapod for a few months now and i really like their service. they are always on time and very friendly. i've always received everything that i ordered, with no substitutions, which is great. now that i'm moving across town, i'm wondering if i should continue the service. i probably shouldn't since there is a shaws not too far from where i'll be living. but it is convenient and a definite time saver. and that brings me to the topic of online shopping for groceries and health & beauty aids.

this morning as i was getting ready for work, i saw an ad on TV for Buy The Case. i went to their website and looked around. it seems as if they are a "store" much like Costco. the only difference is that Buy The Case only carries food, paper goods, shampoo and the like, whereas Costco offers everything from food to caskets. i'm not joking about the caskets. Buy The Case doesn't have much of a selection, but i'm assuming because it's a new company, whereas Costco has been around for a while. With both sites, the point is to order in bulk to save time and money. i probably won't ever buy from either store since it's just two of us living together, but if i ever need a crate of tampons, i'm sure these sites will be the first i click on.

another great online store is the site is really easy on the eyes and they have almost everything you can imagine from soap to sex toys. my mom sent me a package from for christmas and everything was packaged really well and it arrived before the date they had promised her. i think the best thing about is that they always have great sales as well as free 3 day shipping if you buy $49 or more. and it's really easy to spend $49 here. i'm looking forward to ordering some bubble bath and bath salts to use in our new tub. and i can order phillip his razor blades for his vibrating razor without having to get them at the store. that's always a plus.

of course, i do a lot of shopping at amazon, eBay, and for other things i need or want to give as gifts. ten years ago i think the majority of us bought hard-to-find items online. today, we can get just about anything we want. i'm curious to see if this will harm retail outlets in the future. i guess only time will tell.

what are some of your favorite online retailers?

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