Thursday, January 06, 2005

We've Signed On The Dotted Line!

phillip and i signed our lease today. HOORAY! we are so excited to move in to our new apartment. it's going to be great. we're just hoping that the woman who lives there now will move out on Jan 29th or 30th since that's the weekend. that way we can get a head start on moving in :) we should know in a few weeks. i can't wait!

i had to stop at the grocery store this morning and i ended up getting more stuff than i intended. i took a cab home and the driver said "no school for you today?" i said "no, no work for me today." he said "you're done with school?" and i said "yes. for seven years now." he said "YOU LIE!" i said "no sir. i'm going to be 30. i've been out of college for 7 years." "you look like a BABY!", he said. that made me feel good. i'm glad that phillip and i are blessed with such good genes.

that's all. i'm sleepy. i think i'll nap now :)

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