Sunday, February 06, 2005

Am I Interesting To ANY Of You Out There?

there are a bunch of blogs i read on a daily basis that i totally love. dooce, blurbomat, miss domestic and jenandtonic are just a few. they are all very funny and well written. but what do all these blogs have in common? the writers have children.

i admit that i like to read about the daily life of being a mom (or dad). the photos of their children are always adorable and the stories they write are often hysterical. but i can't relate. i don't have children and i don't want children. i like to read about other people's kids, but i don't want any of my own.

there are many blogs out there that are dedicated to women who are infertile. they talk about their struggle to conceive or their struggle to come full term. these blogs are also well written and funny, but they are also very sad as well. again, i can't relate. i've never even tried to get pregnant, and so i don't know what it's like to be let down when the test doesn't show two pink lines.

as i've surfed around, i haven't really seen any blogs written by single women or men that are interesting. well, except for GEORGE! which is often side splitting and makes me laugh out loud. but sometimes i still can't relate because GEORGE! is in college and i've been *gasp* out of college for 7 years now. his stories are funny and remind me of when i was that age, but it's still not relevant to me. if that makes any sense.

and all the other journals i've come across are bland and boring. they don't write much in terms of stories that people can relate to, but more of a day-to-day account of what they did on a particular day. kind of like what is written on livejournal: "today i got up, showered, ate breakfast, watched tv..."

i can relate to that. i'm the first to admit that this blog is bore-ring! but why? i'm an interesting chick. i have an interesting life. my boyfriend is interesting and we go on interesting adventures. so why is it that all my interests come out my fingertips in a big, boring heap of blah?

is it because i don't have kids? is it because i'm not trying to have a kid? is it because i'm not close with my family? that i don't have many close friends? or is it because i'm afraid to actually let myself go and write about what i REALLY want to write about? of course, that's not a question anyone can answer. not even me.

i guess i should work on writing something more interesting...


daddylonglegs said...

I think that good blogging has nothing to do with having or not having kids. It has to do with presenting being a human in an interesting light. If one's struggles happen to be kid-related, cool. If not, there are plenty of other struggles out there to write about.

I think that 95% of blogs are boring to 95% of people, because that's just how it is, because we all have such particular interests.

Honey Bunny said...

i realize that. these were my feelings at the time. i have found a few more blogs written by single people or childless people that are pretty cool. i guess i just need to surf around more :)