Monday, February 07, 2005

Goddamn This Is Better Than The Lottery!

i've had wicked bad heartburn for the past 5 days. i have a prescription for protonix, but i haven't gotten it filled yet. why? because the script is in my laptop bag and when i came home from work i dumped my stuff and forgot about it.

so i decided to go to brooks pharmacy tonight after work to get some over-the-counter equivalent to protonix. of course, whenever i'm at brook's, i never just get what i need and split. i have to wander around the store for a while. tonight i'm glad i did, because i came upon the JACKPOT!


do you know how happy this makes me? i've been paying $1.50 for 20oz bottles every day. sometimes i drink three a day. the 32oz bottles were $1.69. ONE SIXTY NINE, PEOPLE! now that i found these babies i can save money and ENJOY 12oz MORE!

i can't believe i found these at my local pharmacy. i feel like i won the lottery! if you're not jumping for joy with me, you've obviously never enjoyed the awesome goodness that is vitamin water.

i should set up a donation account through paypal so my faithful readers can keep me in 32oz bottles of vitamin water.

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k-doh said...

Hey - just read your comments, glad you are reading the blog! My entries are somewhat sporadic but I find that its like instant therapy!

COmment anytime, glad your entertained!