Tuesday, February 08, 2005


today is fat tuesday. my grannie has always made a huge feast on fat tuesday with doughnuts as a dessert. we would stuff ourselves full of doughnuts till we couldn't get out of our chairs. sometimes i ate so many doughnuts i thought i would puke or fall into a sugar coma. they were the best thing ever and i couldn't wait till fat tuesday to eat all those doughnuts.

now, as an adult, i probably wouldn't eat more than one doughnut, since doughnuts make me kind of ill. but i do miss the grand presentation and the hard work that my grannie put into making all those doughnuts on fat tuesday. as a kid, the pile of fried dough and sugar used to make me giddy. now, it just makes me queasy.

i wonder if she's going to make them tonight?

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