Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Stress...You Won't Get Me!

my beloved laptop needs a new hard drive. as sad as i am about this, i've actually come a long way. at first i was devistated that i couldn't use my laptop. i couldn't stop bawling. then i got angry. why did this have to happen now, of all times? i have a project to finish!! then i got sad because i was looking at losing all my data. but a coworker was able to get all my files off my drive and back them all up for me. then i got mad because no one could fix it. fix it. fix it. FIX IT! FIXITFIXITFIXIT!!! that lasted only a short time because i knew that everyone was doing their best to help me. then i realized that it's out of all of our hands.

now i feel OK. sounds weird and all, but i'm really OK. people have been really supportive. the cast members i spoke with today say "it's not the end of the world" when i told them i won't have any updates by the begining of tech week. i have an awesome fiance that is here for me; a shoulder to cry on and a t-shirt to wipe my nose on. and the awesomeness of Tammy and Nhan, who not only tried to get my laptop working today, but have lent me one of their laptops to use in the mean time. is there anything better than the goodness of genuine people?


well, maybe the chocolates that Tammy brought me to cheer me up and help me de-stress. that was so sweet. thanks so much! i can't tell you how much i appreciate your help. :)

and the amazing thing? and i mean AMAZING! not one sniffle, not one sneeze, not one tear, not one cough, not one wheeze when i was at their house this evening. three cats and five(?) guinea pigs! seriously, i'm amazed. maybe it's mind over matter? on the bus ride to arlington i kept saying "i won't let the cats get to me." i suppose it worked!!

as much as i miss being able to use my own laptop, i'm very grateful for the loner. and i could really be sad and upset right now, but i'm not. i mean why? it's a hunk of metal and plastic. is it the end of the world? no. will i be able to catch up? of course...i always do. and i work great under pressure. am i bummed i have to wait till friday or saturday to get the new drive? sure. but maybe this is my chance to spend quality non-internet time with my fiance. don'tyathink?


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