Sunday, April 10, 2005

Home Decor

phillip and i are trying to decorate our place to make it look less bland. here are some things we've aquired recently.

we bought the mirror at this weird 'antique' store on the corner. it was only $20.

the japanese version of the Amelie poster. i love it. you can't see how cool the colors are here, but trust me, they are beautiful.

phillip got this lamp at economy hardware. it came with plain, white bulbs, but phillip put the red ones in to "make things more sexy". heh. too cute.

i also bought a donnie darko poster, but i forgot to take a picture of it. and we finally hung the art i bought at the darkside walkers ball. it's right above the stereo and looks great. i have to buy frames for the mister reusch stuff as well. maybe tomorrow.

on another note, the best part of not working on sundays anymore is the fact that i can watch the Sox day games. which is just the best thing to do on a sunday, don't you think?

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