Saturday, April 02, 2005

Oh Lord, The PAIN!

right before my shower last night, i was walking to the bathroom and i caught my foot on a nail in the floor - nail head side up. i've managed to avoid it for the past two months,(upon closer inspection, it's part of the ghetto-ass lock system they installed where a heavy steel pole fits from floor to door so no one can break in), but there it was, poking out with about 2 inches of my skin hanging off it. the cut is really deep and it bled like a MOFO. the worst of it was when i was in the shower. do you know how hard it is to balance with one leg hanging outside the tub while trying to shampoo, rinse, repeat? it's a bitch. i probably need stitches, but i can't go to the ER or anything because our friends were due to arrive any minute. i put 4 band-aids on it and i called p frantically asking him to pick me up some gauze from his store and some anti-bacterial stuff. at least that will help a tiny bit.

and here i was going to cancel my appointment with my doctor on monday because my stomach is feeling a little better. now i have to show her the gaping hole in my foot. it hurts so bad i can't walk on it. betcha tomorrow my whole foot will be swollen.

fuckety-fuck. pardon my toilet mouth

but in other, more pleasant news, i got the prints i ordered from mister reusch. they are lovely. i can't wait to get frames and hang them up.

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