Friday, May 06, 2005

What a Night.

Sin City Sucked.

it was boring, way too long, and overly violent. normally, i like violent movies, but this was just...too much. the only part that was sort of enjoyable was the story with clive owen and benecio del toro. the movie should have ended after that story, but it kept going for another 30 or more minutes. sucky.

oh, and the other thing that sucked were the (literal) 50 year olds sitting behind us who talked through the ENTIRE MOVIE! i gave them the evil eye three times before saying SHUT UP! to them. they didn't care. wow. people old enough to be my parents acting like high schoolers during a movie.

yeah, i'd be proud to have them as my parents. :eyeroll:

then we went to thorntons for dinner. the place was full of drunken 20 somethings. they got on my nerves real fast. especially the girl who was hugging some other girl (or hipster guy. they all look the same) and screaming I MISSED YOU! I LOVE YOU! over and over again. but mind you, they were about 6 inches away from me, and getting closer with each second. so annoying. i wanted to kick them both in the head and strangle them with their lame-ass Cinco de Mayo beads that they got free with their order of Corona.

so needless to say, phillip and i were pretty sick of people in general by the time we got home. i'm not a people person, if you couldn't already tell. crowds are something i avoid at all cost, and when i'm in a situation where there are loud, obnoxious, drunk people, i have to concentrate hard and suppress the urge to lose my shit and kick all of them in the head.

on a more upbeat note, it was fun to watch Survivor with phillip. we were pretty happy that gregg was voted off. but personally, i am really hoping that katie gets voted off next. i can't stand her. if i knew her in real life, i'd kick her in the head.



halloweenlover said...

OMG! Thorntons is our absolute favorite restaurant! Well, the hubs absolute favorite restaurant! We go there all the time! Have you had the isabella gardner salad? It is really yummy. And my favorite is the Felix for breakfast! Have you had that? It is like eggs benedict but with turkey, tomato and avocado. Yum! Too funny!

The Hubs used to live on Queensberry street! Just a block away.

Honey Bunny said...

woah! that's pretty cool. we live pretty much around the corner (that i won't name due to creepy stalkers out there) and we eat at thorntons all the time. i haven't had that salad, but i'll have to try it. and phillip loves eggs benedict. he always gets that for brunch and i get the french toast. sooooo good!

oh man, is it lunch yet?!?

fluffy said...

man, you are just all about kicking people in the head...

Honey Bunny said...

you bet! don't get on my bad side, or i'll...