Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Goddamn it! Stop it with the SPEAKER PHONE!

dear scientist guy-

not only did you send an email that left out very important information (like your phone # so we can call you back) in regards to the fact that your machine is frozen, you just had the nerve to call me two minutes after sending the email to complain about said machine. you're not top priority, even though you believe that you should be.

here's a tip: if i cannot understand a word you're saying, that means that your speaker phone keeps cutting in and out. if i've asked you to spell the name of your machine FOUR TIMES because all i'm getting is "Kay *crkcchh* Oh *crkcchh* Haytch" and on and on, that means YOUR GODDAMN SPEAKER PHONE IS USELESS!

how hard is it for you men to pick up the goddamn receiver and SPEAK INTO IT?! i know you, mister scientist, and you have both your hands and arms intact. there's no reason that you can't use the phone like a normal person.

seriously, cut the shit with the speaker phone.



halloweenlover said...

Ha ha! Our office manager just sent the following email, entitled "Office Courtesy"

Good afternoon,

When using the speaker phone option on your telephone or conducting a meeting in your office, please be courteous to those around you by closing your office door so that others will not be disrupted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Its everywhere! We have no where to run!!!

Honey Bunny said...

ha! that's a memo that should be circulated around THIS place, too!