Sunday, July 24, 2005


what's up with the scantily clad women on Telemundo. i've had it on all day because phillip is taping a soccer game at some point today and i don't want to change the channel in fear that i'll mess something up. anyway, EVERY program that's on Telemundo has half naked spanish/mexican women. what's the deal?? even the female newscasters wear tiny shirts or tank tops.

so strange.


fluffy said...


ok so this is completely off topic(uhm yes telemundo is knee deep in skanks), but do you have a mailing address? i found something that im POSITIVE you will love. its something our creative department got at my job today, and knowing they would just throw it away, i thought, "hmm..who would enjoy this? wait, i know!"

so email me at with a mail addy, K? and no, i wont tell you what it is-its a surprise. dont worry, its nothing "questionable", i promise. you will like it.

Honey Bunny said...

hi fluffy-
will do! thanks so much! i can't wait!