Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Broken Flowers

p and i met up for dinner and a movie last night after work. i don't know what's up with the coolidge corner clubhouse restaurant. we went in there last night and there were literally about 8 tables open. the hostess ushered us in and proceeded to try and sit us in the back corner in the bar section where about 10 annoying jocks and their arm candy were standing, drinking apple martinis and bud light. i mean they were literally crammed into the bar section, right in front of the table we were supposed to sit at. hell, the table was littered with an assortment of shoulderbags and cellphones. i turned to the hostess and said "is there any way we can sit in the front?" she said "not unless you want to wait." um, what? there were 8 tables completely free! i said "how long is the wait?" "ten to fifteen minutes" she said. "ha!" i turned to p and said "no way. let's go". so we left and decided to share a banana split at j.p. licks. i think the clubhouse has made my list of places to avoid in coolidge corner. the other business being, of course, Grand Opening. those people need to get their act together.

we went to the theater and saw Broken Flowers. it was great.the theater was totally packed. i thought that bill murray was excellent in it. i also really loved the music. the ending was unexpected, but perfect. i highly recommend it. i hope bill murray does more roles like this. so go to the coolidge and see it. like, now.

when we got home we watched the rest of the ball game and then i went to bed. p went to retrieve my bike at 1am so i could ride it this morning. what a good guy. i'd left it locked up at whole foods yesterday morning, but since i didn't go directly home last night, it sat there. it was nice riding it this morning since it was not too hot out.

now i'm at work, but wishing i were home. i have a million and one things to do for the wedding and no time to do it.


fluffy said...

but Grand Opening has acrylic dildoes! how can you not love that?!?

yeah the Clubhouse is a little too fratacular for my tastes. especially on a game game. should have gone to pizzapalooza...

Honey Bunny said...

yeah, last night was a game night so it was totally frat-tacular. not our scene at all. they do have some good sandwiches, though.

ugh, don't get us started on Grand Opening. phillip hates that store and kim airs more than i do. if i wanted to buy an acrylic dildo (not that i need one, since i have a manly man at home *winkwinnudgenudgesaynomore*) i'd go to Amazing. they have them for way less and you're not bombarded with a crapload of anti-male propaganda.

wait, um, mom if you're reading this, i don't know what a dildo is.

and i haven't yet known the ways of a man.

and i don't know what Amazing is, either. all the kids talk about it though. that's how i heard about it.

yeah....that's my story and i'm stickin' to it.


halloweenlover said...

Ha! You probably heard about that stuff in the movies. Not from personal experience. Definitely.

I was actually amazed that you got on a bike and rode to work! After your bike accident I think it would take a team of people to convince me to ride again. You are braver than me.

Honey Bunny said...


yeah, i was a little scared about riding again, but i love my bike and it's so much faster than the bus :)

and i have no idea what movies you're talking about ;)