Friday, August 26, 2005

Help Save the NEPGM Fest!

i'm totally loving all the comments that people are leaving on the NEPGM Fest Petition. i signed it, and i encourage all those who support local independent music to do the same. for those of you who don't know, the city of Lowell is trying to keep the New England Punk, Goth, and Metal Fest from happening. i first heard about plans for the festival from my friend Anders back in early april when she suggested that her business partner contact me to design their website. over the past 4 months anders and matthew have been working hard to get bands and sponsors together in order to get this fest off the ground. they have signed national headlining bands (bella morte being one, for all you fans out there) as well as some very well known sponsors (anyone ever hear of manic panic!?!) they have a ton of bands signed as well as the necessary paperwork needed for the city of lowell to approve their venue.

the problem is that the city of lowell wants to shut down the fest. the reason? the city does not want "that demographic" coming to their city. um, excuse me? for those of you who aren't familiar with lowell, i suggest you check out the HBO special from the mid 90's where lowell is featured for it's rampant drugs, gangs, prostitution, and homelessness. not much has changed in 10 years, believe it or not. it's not, by any means, a city where you'd want to live (given the choice). no offense to any of you who live there, but it's true. lowell is not a desirable city to live and raise a family. but back to the point: the powers that be in lowell feel that a couple thousand goths, punks, and metalheads will ruin their city for two days in october. do they not see the problems with crack and gangs in their city at this moment? they should feel honored that peaceful, creative, intelligent, fun-loving people who just happen to dress differently would want to "change the demographic" of their city. let me tell you something, City of Lowell - you don't know how much your city would benefit if this "wrong element" took over your city.

as i said in my comment on the petition, the irony is just too much to bear. lowell has started a "no place for hate" campaign yet they are exhibiting hatred toward a group of people that they don't even know. can someone please tell me how that's acceptable? this is also a case of freedom of speech, is it not? why do folk musicians get to congregate but punk bands can't? and probably the worst thing is the fact that lowell has no problem with hosting a beer festival, where more likely than not, there will be drunk rednecks and college kids roaming the streets, but they refuse to let talented musicians congregate in one area for two days to play music and encourage the indie music scene. why is that? because we wear black and have mohawks? because of the tattoos and piercings? because of the outrageous stereotype that the media has conjured up after Columbine when it comes to kids who like goth, punk, and metal music? come ON! smarten up and realize that these people are nothing like the stereotype you've painted in your mind.

maybe the city of lowell is afraid of what they don't know? that's the only thing i can think of why they want to put an end to the NEPGM Fest. i mean, that's why people are racist or homophobic, right? they are afraid of what they don't know, therefore they hate. i can only hope that the petition coupled with a couple thousand voices speaking out will ensure that this festival goes on as planned. if lowell has their way, not only will i be disappointed in the lack of sensibility and humanity in a city as a whole, but heart-broken for those who have put so much time and energy into trying to bring a good time to those who just want to socialize and hear good music.


Anonymous said...

Honey Bunny - your information is 15 years old - my property values in Lowell have gone up 450% in four years alone due to the massive changes here. While I agree the NPGM should be allowed to play, I think you need to visit Lowell again before trashing 100,000+ people. Type is cheap - please be responsible in your reporting. It's only fair. Thanks


PS My email is - if you care to, I'd enjoy giving you the tour of the city. If I'm wrong, you can prove it to me then but I'd enjoy the challenge.

Honey Bunny said...

hello mike-

i'm sorry, but the fact that the people who are in charge of your city have discriminated against a demographic of people that they don't even know. that alone is reason for me to never "tour" your city. and i've been there. many times. and every time i've been there i've been less than impressed.

and as for your "type is cheap-be responsible in reporting" line, i'd like for you to extend that exact same message to Ms. Deely, Ms. Franz, and Mr.Campanini, all writers/editors of your beloved Lowell Sun. they misrepresented anderson mar and matthew marchesi repeatedly. not to mention that they kept calling the festival a "goth" festival for sensationalistic purposes. and when i called Ms. Franz out on it, she sent me an email telling me to "chill". tell me exactly how i'd see lowell favorably after that?