Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Short Update

this is a short update because i had another mishap on my bike and i sprained my finger pretty bad so typing is hard. i think i'll have to take phillip's mom's advice and stay off the bike till after the wedding.

the only thing i wanted to post about today was the complete insanity i witnessed on MTV last night. the new show called trailer fabulous, or as i screamed "WTF?!? IS THIS PIMP MY TRAILER?"

seriously, what is this country coming to? now these ultra gay WT dudes are re-doing white trash people's trailers. for the amount of money and "bling" they put into these trailers they could have invested in 1) an educations or 2) a rent free year in a nice condo.

i was totally appaled watching this show, but yet i couldn't turn away. i hate what's become of this country and society and culture as a whole. it's so embarassing.

i don't mean to offend any of you who live in a trailer, but COME ON!


halloweenlover said...

Are you serious? I haven't seen that show, but it sounds AWFUL. Hysterical, but awful.

I can't believe you had another mishap on the bike! And here I am gearing up to start riding my bike to the T (not into the city, that is a little far for me) and now I'm scared. Hmmm, I am not so good in the coordination category : )

Honey Bunny said...

hey HL:

the pimp my trailer show is awful. seriously. it makes me cringe. but catch it if you can the next time it's on. you'll bust yourself laughing.

i'm usually really good on my bike. yesterday, as you know, was really wet and rainy. i was just slipping all over the place. so word to the wise: don't bike when it's raining out! :)