Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Wow, You're an Idiot.

another reason why i hate talk radio:

the two idiots who are on this morning are debating which Office series is better; the american version or the british version (see first link).

the woman says "i agree that the british version is a lot funnier and more entertaining, but i'd much rather watch the american version because the actors are much more attractive."

i'm not joking. she actually said that.

so she'd rather spend her time staring at the television while "beautiful people" act in a sitcom, (even though she isn't registering anything they say), rather than pay attention to the characters, storyline, and humor that the "unattractive people" play out.

no wonder people say americans are lazy and stupid.

*for the record, i think the original British version is the ONLY Office. the american version sucks real bad.*


halloweenlover said...

One of the US office versions, the one about discrimination, had Josh and I cracking up so hard I nearly peed my pants. The rest are silly, but that one was hysterical we thought. I need to watch more of the UK shows because I've only seen a few.

That woman sounds like a nincompoop.

gumphood said...

I found the British version to be more sexual. I found the American one to be more dealing with racism. I actually enjoyed both, but the british one was better

Honey Bunny said...

you should rent the whole series from Netflix, if you have it. it's so worth it.

you're right. the british one was more sexual and the american one more race-driven. i like the fact that the humor seemed to come naturally between the actors/characters in the british version as opposed to the US one.