Sunday, September 18, 2005

Aberdeen City!

p and i went to see aberdeen city friday night at TTs. i like them a lot. the first time we saw them was when they opened up for Elefant. that was a sweet show. they are local, but i urge people to listen to their songs and then buy their album. good stuff. so anyway, they were rad. the band after them, not so much. and we didn't stay for the national because i was sleepy (read:lame). here's one of the only good pictures i took that turned out well.

time to get some food and get working on more wedding stuff.


fluffy said...

shit, i almost went to that show, but i ended up going to the Sox instead. how was Octopus Project?

Honey Bunny said...

hi fluffy-

i didn't like octopus project at all. too bleepy and noisy for me. too disjointed.

i would have rather been at the sox game. hope you had a good time!