Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I've Got Balls, Man!

tonight, ceremony was great! there were a TON of people there. some outfits were cool, some should have been left in the closet, (um, what was with the chick in the white dress with nothing underneath?), and there were a bunch of guys in white shirts and black pants. including p, who looked so hot :) i just wore my sparkly silver shirt because that's as close as i get to white.


there were these four guido (i'm sorry for the slur, but it's the only way i can describe them) guys at the club. decked out in acid washed jeans, dark colored shirts unbuttoned half way to their belt (which happened to have a garish buckle on it) and to top the outfit off gold chains. i kid you not. they each had a gold chain or two around their necks and one or two on their wrists. don't forget the huge gaudy rings as well as the token "diamond" stud in their ear. the topping on their look was the orange fake bake tan and serious receding hairline. oh, yeah...i watched these guys all night.

they tried to pick up ronan's friend laura with the line "we're from miami and we're scouting for a reality tv show about goth clubs in boston." now, i didn't hear this, but laura said "if he's from miami, why does he have a thick boston accent?" sure, maybe he lived in boston once, but now he's "from miami". anyway, she just laughed him off and went back to talking to ronan.

these guys followed just about every woman with little or no clothing on all night. what a sight! i mean FOUR MEN trying to get one woman. when she would dismiss them, they would go onto the next and then the next and the next. at the end of the night they left with some big blond girl. how fitting. the least "goth" person in the entire club.

so laura and i were making fun of them all night. p and roman joined in on the action, too. and me being me, i couldn't just let them leave without me telling them how i felt about them being there. they kept giving out their card to chicks. "here's my card", you'd hear them say. so i decided as the club was closing to make my own card. so i grabbed a piece of paper and wrote:
    Here's MY Card
    We're All Laughing At You!
    Ha! Ha!

as we left the club, i saw them all standing around, so i went up to the most offensive and handed it to him. he said "what's this?" all rude. and i said "it's my card!" and walked away. ronan, laura, and p laughed and laughed.

"i love that you've got balls," p said on the way home. yep, i sure do. those guys were bogus and i had to let them know. we WERE lauging at them. all night. i'm sure they saw us, too. but of course, they didn't seem too bright to notice.

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