Sunday, September 04, 2005

No Countdown

every year since i was young i'd start the month long countdown till my birthday.

well, not this year.

why? because i'm turning 30 and, well, i just don't want to. i don't want to be 30. i don't feel 30 and i sure don't look 30, so why turn 30? i'm going to stay 29.

also, i'm not going to have a birthday party because the wedding is 10 days after my birthday. and that's just too much stress. of course, i'll happily accept gift certificates or cash, whatever you prefer ;)

so, yeah, i'm protesting my birthday this year. i just don't want to turn 30. it just makes me feel old and i get anxious thinking about all the stuff i haven't accomplished.



Anonymous said...

Hehe. Can I stay 27, too? :)


Belinda said...

OK--first of all, it ain't gonna feel one bit different than 29. I promise.

Next--let me give you a little tip. I don't know the laws in your state, but where I live you can get your marriage license up to 60 days prior to the wedding. Get that puppy NOW. That way, when the standard announcement (not the one you'll write, the one the state puts in with births and deaths) comes out in the paper reporting who got marriage licenses, it will say, "Honeybunny, age 29" instead of Honeybunny, age 30".

This was only important to me because my husband is 5 months younger than me, and my birthday was before the wedding. He teased me so much about being the "older woman", that there was no WAY I was going to let that paper announce me as being a year older than him! So we got the license while we were still the same age!

Shallow, much? ;-)

Honey Bunny said...


the boston globe or boston herald has more important things to do than announce my wedding. unless someone alerts them to it, it won't be listed in the paper. i mean, those two papers don't announce weddings unless your millionaire daddy pays for the space. and since i'm wite and poor, it ain't happenin'.

besides, this post wasn't supposed to be taken seriously by me or anyone else. it's just a number. hell, my fiance will be 40 next year and he's not complaining. i think it's normal for a woman to not want to leave her 20s. but i'm not totally serious about wanting to remail 29.

Honey Bunny said...

you sure can! :)