Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bye Bye 29

Happy Birthday To Me!

not sure how i'm liking 30, but i don't feel any different than 29.


Will said...

There's really no difference at all, maybe 35 feels funny but 30 treated me fine. Happy Birthday!

Honey Bunny said...

thanks, will! i'm doing ok. it just sounds weird to say i'm 30.

i hope i get a big piece of cheesecake tonight. mmm...cheesecake.

fluffy said...

happy bday, J!

if its any consulation, there really is no difference. its all just a matter of how you feel and act. you just arent a "20-something" anymore. but given some of the college age idiots i ride the train with everyday, i can live without that moniker. gladly!

nita said...

man o man. i turned 40 this year. ugh. but i have to say every single minute of 30 - 39 was amazing. AND, AND, you learn so much about yourself that 40 feels amazing, too, even though you can barely think about it :)

happy happy birthday, sister.

halloweenlover said...

Worst. Blogger. Friend. Ever.

I forgot to come by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

I hope you had the most fun night!

Honey Bunny said...

hey HL!

don't worry about it. the funny thing? people i've never met outside of cyberspace have offered birthday wishes. those who i see all the time? not one damn word. well, with the exception of two or three.

but anyway, thanks!!p

Dak-Ind said...

happy birthday. i turned thirty one this year, thats when it hit me. 30 was like "i cant believe im not 20 something weird" 31 was like... a new decade, ack! good luck at 30 something. i look forward to 40 something, 50 soemthing 60 something etc.