Wednesday, November 09, 2005


i don't even know if awesomeness is a word, but i came home tonight and was greeted with awesomeness.

first of all, my aunt sent us another check to cover the one that she stopped after the robbery. totally awesome.

secondly, i got a $20 coupon to an online store i shop at a lot. that will come in very handy. awesome.

and lastly, i was sent a totally awesome wedding gift from a totally awesome artist who i really dig. dudes...just check out the awesomeness!:

yeah, i's a terrible phone cam picture, taken in my kitchen. but here's the real deal:

seriously, seriously aweosme present, mark! phillip and i thank you so much! we'll have to get a frame for it on sunday and hang it in our livingroom next to trisha's painting. the colors work well together!

now i've got to sleep. i'm exhausted. i hope that i'm awake to watch Trading Spouses tonight. i'm recording it so p and i can both watch it when he gets home, so don't spoil it for me! :)

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Will said...

awesome picture!