Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Suck It!

there is a homeless woman who hangs out in the bus stop near our house. she's insane. she's always yelling at the people at the 7-11. no matter when i go in there, she's screaming about the lottery tickets she bought. i don't know how they can stand her. she's also always yelling at the other homeless guys who hang out in the laundromat. i mean she's ALWAYS screaming.

the other night p and i were going to the store and we see her. she's pissed at one of the homeless guys, or so we assume. she belts out, on the top of her lungs, Suck my dick! of course, p and i start giggling and can't stop. we walk away as she keeps screaming for everyone to suck her dick.

so, yeah, them's words to live by sometimes. i'd like to tell a horribly foul woman who has made up stories about me and my husband to suck my dick. i've never met this woman in my life, but somehow she knows all about my wedding, right down to the guest list (she claims "OMG! It's so TINY!"). please keep in mind that she's 32, single, hates her job and pretty much everything else you ask her about, and has an unhealthy obsession with Anime and fictional characters from TV and movies. you know the type...the woman who hates the world because she hates herself. a sad, sad specimen that gets her jollies by habitually lying and making up stories. it's true.

so, this goes out to you. you know who you are. suck it and then rot in hell, you obnoxiously loud, overwhelmingly annoying, never-have-anything-positive-to-say, jealous of everyone, ugly-ass cunt.

i'm sorry dear readers. sometimes i have to be crude. if i don't let it out, it builds and, well, that's not healthy.


fluffy said...

well, ok then. suck my dick and happy turkey day lol! :0

Honey Bunny said...

happy turkey day to you, too!

Clurg said...

Does she know Hakeem and Raquelle?

They can all suck my turkey!

I love these stories, by the way.

Honey Bunny said...

she might know hakeem! i'll have to find that out for you, clurg!

glad you like my stories. they are all true. because you can't make this shit up.