Monday, November 21, 2005

Yeah, I'm Talking Again!

Karen and Jeanne
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phillip always takes pictures of me when i'm not ready. he thinks it's cute, i don't. eh, that's love, i guess.

on life...

things have been ok. been doing some soul searching and life planning and all that fun jazz. i'm seriously excited about only having to work 2 days and then i get a day off. then i'm back for three more days.

today i cleaned up the kitchen and made muffins and cinamon swirl bread. my goal is to skip dunkin donuts in the morning and bring in my own coffee and breakfast. if i do this for one week, i'll save $17.50. that's a LOT of money every week. we can put it toward our honeymoon fund. that will help out a lot.

on christmas...

it's a little frightening to think that in a month and a week christmas will be here. phillip and i have to start planning our trip to my mom's house for the holiday. i dread it. mostly because the 5+ hour drive in the winter and the fact that there's going to be traffic galore. i'm going to have to plan this trip wisely. i'd really like to see my family again, even though phillip is less than thrilled. i wish he was more open to it. i'll have to make sure it's a good christmas for the both of us.

on hot dogs...

last night i made phillip and i hotdogs and mac and cheese for dinner. total poor man's grub, but it was tasty. i remember when i was little, my mom would buy these disgusting hotdogs that were injected with either cheese or chili. remember those? i am pretty sure they were called FrankenStuffed. i googled it, but came up with nothing. they were the most foul things on the face of the earth. they were a fat hotdog with a hollow center. chili or cheese was pumped into the empty middle of the hot dog and would ooze out when you cooked them. one of the only memories i have of my father was that he LOVED these disgusting things. my mom made them all the time. ugh...i'm getting nauseous just thinking about them. anyway, i asked phillip if he remembered them, but he didn't. that's because his mom didn't feed him crap like mine did ;) and when i was a kid i could only eat hot dogs if they were burned pretty bad. i was a weird kid.


Voix said...

Totally cute photo. And I remember the stuffed hot dogs, but I can't remember what they were called.

Hang in there tootsie.

halloweenlover said...

Umm, I love those cheese filled hotdogs. LOVE THEM. They still sell them at the grocery store, I think they might be made by oscar meyer, but I'm not positive. Too funny! What a random memory!

I sometimes make muffins on Sunday night for the whole week and it works out because we'll each grab one as we're running out the door. Saves lots of money. I could send you some of my recipes if you'd like!

Honey Bunny said...

hey HL!

i like the oscar mayer ones that have the cheese in them because it's just a bit of cheese here and there. the hot dogs i'm talking about were FAT and HOLLOW with the cheese or chili pumped into the hole in the middle. i think they were made by Hormel back in the day...

oh! i just found that they were called Frank n' Stuff Weiners. i was close ;)

sure! send me any recipes you have. i love making muffins!