Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bruise: Day 2

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here's what the bruise looks like today. lovely, huh?

here's the final word on my "condition". looks like i have a serious bacterial intestinal infection along with an ulcer. JOY! the doc was supposed to call in the prescription for a 14 day course of antibiotics to the pharmacy near my house, but instead, called it in to the one in my OLD NEIGHBORHOOD. so i can't even start taking it till tonight when they transfer it over to my local pharmacy.

the incompetence is overwhelming.

here's my new year's resolution: never get sick again. i'm serious. i can't handle doctors and hospitals and nurses who watch the clock so they can punch out instead of helping those around her. no wonder my husband hates hosptials and doctors.

i'm hoping that my health improves with this 2 week course of antibiotics. it's going to make for a sucky christmas and new year's eve, but what can i do? if i don't take the pills, i'll stay sick, and i don't want that. i hope that the health care in minnesota is better than here. i never thought i'd ever say know, since i live in the state that is priased for it's universities and hospitals. the irony is just too much.

i hope everyone is having a better day than me. i don't even know if people really read this blog or not, save for 4 or 5 peeps.

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Voix said...

Oh I am so sorry for you! Health care in MN is totally better, but you still need to advocate for yourself as always. That is the crappy part.

If you get the chance, get yourself into the U of M network, they rock. Medical care always depends on neighborhood and insurance, though -- good luck.

Hugs and get well soon!