Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Parents Be Warned. This Post Contains Lots of F-Bombs

HUGE MOFO of a Bruise
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i just got back from the ER. beth israel is a joke and a half.

it all started when i almost passed out from the pain in my stomach on the bus home tonight. so i had this bright fucking idea to stop at the fenway community health center to see if my doc can look at me. well, she's not there, so they stick me with some other guy. i didn't get out of there till 7:30...i got there at 5.

so i give them blood and pee and they send me on my way with protonix (which i already take anyway). i get home, get into my PJ's and crawl into bed.

p comes home at 10:30 and wakes me to see how i'm doing. then, the phone rings and it's the doc i saw just 4 hours prior.

he's all worried that my white blood cell count is OMG! HIGHHIGHHIGH! and that i seem to have a urinary tract infection. but he couldn't leave it at that. he said "there's more that i'm concerned about, so go to the ER NOWNOWNOW!"

so p and i get dressed and get to BI at 10:40.'s after 4am and we JUST FUCKING GOT HOME!

i was screaming and yelling and crying after the third hour there because NO ONE CAME TO SEE ME! i mean, i'm pissed that i had to take up a room in a fucking EMERGENCY CENTER when i was CLEARLY NOT an EMERGENCY! i hope you see my anger here, or should i TYPE IN ALL CAPS TO MAKE IT CLEARER??

i was pissed because one nurse didn't know how to draw blood, and now i've got two HUGE bruises on my left arm. and what did she say? "your veins are pissing me off!" and then she went to get someone who knew what they were doing...only for me to wait ANOTHER HOUR!

long story short...i had six x-rays, a ton of blood drawn, and had to pee into three cups. and what's the result? I HAVE NO IDEA! maybe it was gas? do i have a UTI or not? gall stones? failing kidneys? YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE!

i was just told to stay home from work tomorrow and "rest". and people wonder why my blood pressure is so high!

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Voix said...

Oh honey, I'm so sorry. That really sucks. I hope you enjoy a day of rest in any case. Good luck and I vote you get to spend the day eating popcorn and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.