Monday, December 19, 2005

We're Back!

Little Ceasar
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we're back from our trip to NY. it was a good time. we ate too much, drank too much, and got a ton of awesome presents.

that's my mom's dog, ceasar. he's a sick little doggie. the vet isn't sure what's wrong with him. he might have a pinched nerve or slipped disc in his neck because he has trouble lifting his little head up. i gave him his medicine while i was there because my mom didn't know how to do it. it didn't seem to help his pain; it just made him sleepy. he cried most of the time and i just felt so bad for the little guy. i have such a weakness for dogs it's not funny.

my family kept going on and on about how great it would have been if i decided to be a vet. i wanted to be a vet for a short time when i was a teenager, but because 1) i'm so allergic to animals it would be nearly impossible for me and 2) my heart breaks every time i hear a dog or cat cry, it would be a great feat for me to become a vet. i have the stomach for it, but not the heart. but regardless, they kept pushing it on me, saying "it's never too late!" they always wanted a doctor in the family. ugh.

anyway, click on the photo of ceasar to see our Christmas in NY set if you wish. it was a good time. and surprisingly, my family wasn't upset when we told them that we're moving to Minneapolis. i thought they would be, but they are happy for us. which is a huge relief.

now they are planning their vacations around the fact that we'll be living in a city that they have yet to visit. joy.


Will said...

I don't see any map.

Voix said...

Do you have work lined up in Minneapolis yet? Why did you choose my fair city?

I will warn you: While we do have a decent public transportation system, it's kinda hard to get around here without a car.

Shoot me an email if you need any info about logistics.

Honey Bunny said...

hi michele-
no, i don't have work lined up. my goal is to give my notice at my work this week, allowing a whole month's notice, and then start sending out my resume.

we plan on buying a car as soon as we possibly can. we'll have to ride our bikes, walk, and take the bus till that happens. we walk and ride our bike everywhere here now, so we figure it won't be that bad out there :)