Monday, January 16, 2006

The Final Countdown

because i have a strange work shedule (having sundays and mondays off), paired with the fact that most holidays fall on a monday, my actual "holidays" fall on tuesday. so everyone else in my office has saturday through monday off as their three day weekend, i have sunday through tuesday. follow?

technically, i have tomorrow off as my holiday, but i've decided to go in to work. i'll get the holiday pay, which is a very good thing. i need to pay back a chunk of sick hours i took over the past month with this stupid bacterial infection, so working tomorrow will help me out a bit in that department. wednesday i have to sign exit papers in human resources and then saturday is my last day. it hardly seems real.

so the countdown begins!


i have so much packing to do! so as soon as the hubby goes off to work, i'll be filling the four empty boxes we have sitting in the living room. it's easier for me to do this stuff while he's not here. our place is so tiny that we just get in each others way.

by the way, this is what's living in my stomach. the first round of anibiotics didn't work, so i start a second round tomorrow. joy of fuckin' joys:


.:mts:. said...

um, what IS that thing??? i'm scared for you!

Honey Bunny said...

it's the h. pylori bacteria. it's actually quite common. it's what causes stomach and intestinal ulcers. scary, but treatable. :)

fluffy said...

wow, youre moving. cant believe it. ohwait, yes i can-we are moving to tampa in 3 mos lol! congrats on getting out of boston. its been fun, and ill miss it, but i think im tired of it too. you?

Honey Bunny said...

wait, WHAT? the fluffmeister is leaving allston for tampa? holy crap!

well, i wish you and the mrs all the best in your move. boston is losing it's appeal for many people. some friends of ours said that some friends of theirs moved out of boston for chicago last month.

i guess it really is true. massachusetts is losing more residents than any other state. maybe that should tell state officials something, huh?

Rick Bettencourt said...

HoneyBunny - Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

Good luck with the move to MN. It's a great area of the country. You'll love it.

(And get that thing in your stomach taken care of...jeez!)