Thursday, January 12, 2006

Monster Army!

Monster Army!
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yesterday at work i was updating my resume on Monster when i came across this.

after i clicked "i'm finished", i was brought to this page. the strange thing about it was that the radio button for "yes" was clicked, but i wasn't able to click "no thanks" and then submit.

the bad part about this setup is that if someone was in a hurry, they would just click "submit" to move on to the rest of the Monster site, thus giving the US Army all of your information (i deleted mine before taking this screencap). that really disturbed me. maybe even more than the fact that i wasn't even able to choose "NO" because, mysteriously, the radio button wasn't "working".

i'm thinking about sending this to Monster telling them about this. i don't appreciate the fact that i have two choices when it comes to this page-- i either have to submit my info or close out of the site completely. as i'm sure most of you are aware, i'm totally anti-war and this type of recruitment is disgusting. it reminds me of the scandal that's still going on here in boston (petitioners told potential ballot signers that they were collecting signatures for an initiative that would outlaw the slaughter of horses for human consumption. In fact, any signatures collected were really going onto anti-gay-marriage ballot sheets). if people don't take the time to stop and read things they can totally be duped into "signing" something that they are either 1) not interested in or 2) completely against.

i'm debating whether i should delete my resume from Monster or not. this just rubs me the wrong way.


Anonymous said...

That's bullshit.

Unfortunately, Monster is a great way to connect with employers.

I would definitely contact them and let them know that is a deceptive advertisement.

Honey Bunny said...

it's very unsettling.

i've been trying to get that page back today but i haven't been able to. i get lots of annoying "offers" for credit cards and low interest rates and other crap, but i haven't seen the army one back.

but yeah, i'll be writing to monster.

halloweenlover said...

Wait, WHAT?!?! People were being lied to in order to get their signature on an anti-gay marriage act?!?! WHAT?!? How did I miss this?!

Honey Bunny said...

are you serious? it's been out there for months now. no joke.

i never sign ANYTHING when approached on the street. never. and i hope you won't, either.

there's a blurb in this week's DIG about how the pro gay marriage people have set up automated calls to people asking if their signatures have been stolen and what to do if they have.

sad and scary if you ask me.