Thursday, January 26, 2006

We've Got Baggage

We've Got Baggage
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well, we made it. we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule on tuesday night. which was fine by me because it was a totally bumpy ride the whole way. especially while we were trying to land.

the U-Pack crate situation was a little hairy. they told me on monday that they could not drop off the container because there wouldn't be enough room on the street (i think that's the point when my stress level went through the roof). of course, that had phillip and i scrambling and freaking out, trying to think of an alternate to get our stuff to MN. but then i called them back and i told them that if they had to, they can park it in the lot behind our building. so that was ironed out. then they said they would be at our house between 10 and 2. on tuesday morning at 10am, they called me to say that they would be at our house "between 2 and 3". i said "no, you won't. you'll be here between 10 and 2 because we've got people working for us to help us load the thing, AND we've got to be at Logan at 4:30". and what do you know...they showed up at 1:20! we got the container loaded in 40 minutes. if it wasn't for this guy kenny (a professional mover) we found on craig's list, we'd STILL be there packing. so it went pretty smoothly. i'd still recommend U-pack, but you have to be really firm with them or they'll take advantage of your time.

so now we're here in river falls, wi at phillip's mom's house. the weather is great (it's about 35 degrees this morning) and the sun is shining. i've got strep throat (!!), but thanks to the unbelievable health care system in wisconsin, i was able to get an appointment yesterday at noon at the clinic here in town. i was in and out of there within 30 minutes. and that ain't no joke. so i'm on the antibiotics for strep. i'm praying that no one else in this house catches it. in about 12 hours i'll have passed the point where i'm no longer contageous, so that's a relief! it figures i'd get strep on the day we move 1,200 miles away, huh?

besides the hurty throat, things are going well. yesterday we just hung out and relaxed. today we're going to do some shopping and then see a movie. and on saturday we'll get the keys to our new place and check out our neighborhood. i can't hardly wait!

since p's mom only has dial-up, i don't think i'll be updating again until i can get to a place that has free wi-fi. it's just too painful!


Lucas said...

Wecolme to the area HB!! Glad you made it here safely and that your belongings will actually be following you at some point. Hope you are feeling better soon. I've arranged a bit of a heat wave for your arrival. Enjoy the unseasonally warm temps as you move in.

Hue B. Mooksuki said...

I too want to welcome you to the neighborhood.

sarcastic journalist said...

Hope the big move goes well! It's always hard to move, especially cross-country!

No go get some cheesecake factory.