Friday, February 17, 2006

Last Post Of The Day, I Promise

just wanted to show off my first crafty project made with my (not so scary after all!) sewing machine. patchwork pillow!

it needs to be fluffed up more, but you get the picture. it's got the cool stars and flowers pattern on the front (in cool blues and greens), and as you can see in the reflection, it's got a solid black back. it took me all of 20 minutes. sweet.

i should make pillows for everyone for christmas. if i make them now, i'll be all set for december 25th! reminds me of how my grannie used to make us kids make presents for my mom during christmas break. at the time, it sucked so bad because all i wanted to be doing was reading or writing (or, as i got older, sleeping), but now that i look back on it, i'd give anything to be able to spend three months making crafty projects for people. with my grandma.

man, that would be the life.

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Julie Du. said...

My grandma is super craftsy, too, but I seem to be missing that gene:)

Love the idea of pillows for gifts. Pillows are so comforting. They give you the feeling of luxury and hominess at the same time. And we don't necessarily treat ourselves to lots of pillows. Everyone on your list is sure to feel pampered and loved!!