Saturday, March 04, 2006

Missing Cat

Missing Cat
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i've been up since 7:30 when phillip got up for work. i have a bad headache (again), but this time i'm pretty sure it's because i'm dehydrated. i put too much salt on my steak last night.

i just went outside (it's a beautiful morning out there!) to have a cigarette with my morning coffee, and up walks the fattest, prettiest black cat i've ever seen. i immediately thought about the posters that are hanging up around town. i pet the fat guy for a long time, since he seems to love the attention. i checked the tag on his collar and the address was only a few houses down on the next street over. i thought "oh man, how happy the owners will be to get their kitty back!" so i called the number on the cat's tag and got a really friendly guy on the phone. come to find out, Sombrio (the cat's name) is not the lost black kitty, but an indoor/outdoor cat who lives down the street. two other people called him this morning asking if Sombrio was lost as well. he's not. he just likes to spend some QT out in the sunshine.

it was really nice to know that people in my neighborhood are so caring about other people's pets. i just hope that Uno (pictured) is found soon. i'm sure the owners are worried about the poor guy. i know i would be if my cat went missing.


White Men Can't Blog said...

I'm actually responding to your last post. I just don't have a lot to say about cats.

I'm about to graduate college and almost all of my friends will be returning to their respective coasts. I can't help but feel like I'm 5 years away from where you are now. It's a strange thing to recognize. To know that you'll only get to see your BEST FRIENDS every 2 or 3 years, well, it's something I'm trying to come to grips with. Your post sort of catapulted this line of thinking. This is a good thing. I'm learning from you.

Honey Bunny said...

yeah, it's a bit difficult. the cool thing is that i got to see them both at my wedding. of course, there wasn't enough time to spend with them since i was pulled in every direction, but i'm still glad that they were there.

just keep in touch with your buddies. that's most important.

ps) you can post under whatever entry you want to discuss...i'll still see it and respond :)