Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Reality Show: Black White

i saw the advertisement for this new show on FX sometime last week and thought "oh no they dii'innt!" but then i realized that was not an appropriate thing to exclaim. or was it?

in this reality show, a white family becomes black and a black family becomes white thanks to the magical powers of hollywood. they all have to live together in one big house. the tagline is "trading races". i'm sure hilarity ensues.
    Two families - one white and one black - come together under one roof in Los Angeles as they prepare to go out in the world as the other race. The Wurgels (Bruno, Carmen, and daughter Rose) are a white liberal family from California, and the Sparks (Brian, Renee, and son Nick) are a middle class black family from Georgia.

i don't quite understand the point of the show. the trailer shows that each family has to learn the dialect of the other. they also have to be in full makeup and dress at all times. and lastly, they have to fool people into believing they are who they pretend to be.

sure, whites and blacks speak differently and we have different styles of dress. but isn't that just perpetuating stereotypes? obviously, i'm sure that the underlying point of the show is that people are people despite of their color, and everything isn't as simple as black and white, but i just think that reality shows have gone way too far. the make-up they give them isn't even convincing, at least in my opinion. it just kind of makes me feel like the rift between blacks and whites isn't being helped by this sort of garbage.

i haven't seen this show, but i'll try and catch the next episode so i can make a better decision. if any of you have seen it, please let me know your opinions on it.


Karyn said...

I saw something about this show on (E! - let's not go there, it's a guilty pleasure, ok?) and apparently Ice Cube is producing/directing/making this show.

I'm not good with my 'rappers' so it could just as easy be Ice T or Dr Dre or one of those other ones. But I do know for sure it's not Snoop Dogg fizzle shizzle.

I saw the bizniz with them getting all white or black, then living with each other, then crying (and fighting of course) around the dinner table, then I just thought to myself - uh, hello! what's the point here, people?

Hue B. Mooksuki said...

The show is only somewhat interesting. The coolest thing about it is the make up - very amazing to see the transformations.

Something dirty said...

the cast of that show was on Oprah too, it's kind of creepy