Monday, April 03, 2006

Lola helping me Blog

Lola helping me Blog
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I didn't sleep at all last night. I knew that was going to happen. Too worried about missing the bus or forgetting something important. So I got up at 5:30am. Here it is, 6:15am, and I'm writing about it. Sheesh.

Although I did have this strange reoccurring "dream" last night that I had to make sure I was up early and had enough time to have Phillip help me make some sort of bread/dough. I think this is because I watched the Next Food Network Star last night before bed. Weird.

I leave for my new job in under an hour. I'm nervous, but really excited. I hope it turns out to be like I expected. But if not, that's okay too. I just have to go with it.

Wish me luck!


Lucas said...

Good Luck HB! You'll do great!

Joshua said...

Don't work too hard too soon - or they'll expect too much from you forever!

Lucas said...

How did your first day go? I'm dying to know! Tell me EVERYTHING!!