Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What Was I Thinking??

Last night, I received my new birth certificate in the mail from the state of New York (which cost me $57). It's shiny and new and WILL grant me my driver's license.

Well, I was playing with the envelope with Lola (she likes the crinkly noise it makes) and talking to Phillip and doing other things at the same time.

This morning I was sitting here, thinking about that envelope. I pulled the livingroom apart trying to find it. And of course, I panic. It was nowhere to be found.

And then, I found it.


What posessed me to chuck it in the trash last night? What the hell? What was i thinking??

Thankfully, Phillip had just taken the trash out so the only things in the can was an empty tissue box, an empty bag of goldfish, and my birth certificate.

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