Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Wish

I wish all of you could be in my livingroom right now. The scent from the lilac bushes is intoxicating. I have all the windows open and the smell is blowing in. Of all the scents in all the world, lilac is one of my top five favorites.

I took this photo of the bush next to our apartment. It looks best at full size, so click on it if you wish.

I love springtime!


Jessi said...

I love this picture! I swear, I opened it full size and could almost smell it.

Thanks for sharing this, I needed the boost.

Honey Bunny said...

hi jessi!

i'm glad you like the photo. i'm very proud of it :)

fluffy said...

yeah well, we gots the scent of salt water and tropical breezes 24/7, so PPPBBBBBTTTTT on you! :)