Saturday, May 20, 2006

Second Try at the Bluebird Earrings

This morning, Phillip and I went to The Bad Waitress for breakfast/lunch. I got the tomato, gouda, and basil omlette, which was really very bad. There was one tiny piece of tomato in it and the rest was full leaves of basil. And there's no way they used gouda in it. I know gouda and what I got was american cheese. So I was pretty disappointed. Phillip got a turkey club sandwich and he said it was pretty good. I don't think we'll go back there. The place was nice, but the food wasn't all that hot. At least for what we paid for it.

I decided to try my hand at making earrings and other kinds of jewelry. Pictured are a pair of bluebird earrings I made last night. This was my second attempt and I think they are pretty cute. The hardest part is crimping and twisting the headpin. Once I get that down, I think I'll be okay. I want to find other interesting beads to use, but I don't want to spend a fortune. If anyone can recommend a place, let me know. I'm going to give these earrings to a friend since I missed her birthday. I hope she likes them.

I think i'm going to go bake something. I'm bored and kind of sad, and baking usually helps me out of that funk. I don't want to make cupcakes because we don't need 24 cupcakes hanging around the house. So i think i might make more muffins. Decisions, decisions.

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Jessi said...

Cute earrings! I don't know any good cheap bead stores here, I like Hobby Lobby but they don't have one in the cities. Perhaps online beaderies?