Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's NOT The Thought That Counts, When No Thought Is Used...

So here it is, 6:45am and I've been sitting here for 15 minutes. I woke up with a coughing fit for reasons unknown to me. Coughing, wheezing, and sneezing. I think it's because it's been so nice and dry out and today it's wet, rainy, and gray. Bleah. Change in weather will do it to me, for sure. Well, I'm just stickin' to that theory.

Work is still going really well. I still love it a lot. I just don't love Fridays when my paycheck is deposited into my account and I see it's the same amount I used to make in A DAY at my job in Boston. Meh. But I'm happy. So I guess being happy at a job I love outweighs the crappy paycheck. At least for now.

I'm still looking for a higher paying, with-benefits job, but I admit - I'm dragging my feet. Like I said, I like my job and don't really want to leave it. But the reality is, I will have to before too long. There's no way I can pay my bills on what I get paid right now. That's kind of a bummer.

Speaking of bummers, as some of you know (I'm assuming), I belong to a bunch of swaps on swapbot and flickr. There's one that I was hoping would be a ton of fun to both give and receive. For the past two months I've spent a lot of time researching my swap partner and making swap packages that she will LOVE. For instance, if she has listed that she likes the color purple, scrapbooking, and rubber stamps in her profile, you better believe I'm going to include those things in her swap package. And conversely, if she says she doesn't like cats, the color yellow, and yarn, I'm going to leave that stuff out, too. It's all about sending stuff you'd want to receive. And so far, I've done a good job.

This is the second time (I've only been doing the swaps for two months) I've received a package filled with nearly everything I listed under "dislikes". For example, I got a dark chocolate bar, tacky jewelry, and an extremely strong bar of scented rose soap when I specifically stated I disliked that stuff. And my partner sent me a bag of Japanese Ramen noodles. I am seriously confused on that one since she's from Texas and NOT Japanese. *Scratches head* Anyway, the only thing in the entire package that went along with any of my "likes" is a jar of pink sprinkles for cupcakes. Everything else in the package just left me really sad, and kind of mad. I put so much energy and thought (that's the key word here) into my swaps that it's maddening when I get a box from someone who didn't even bother to look over my profile (which is required) to see what I would love to receive as opposed to what I am allergic to/do not like. What I received was a box of stuff that barely followed the color scheme and is filled with stuff you'd buy at a dollar store. My partner sees my reaction to her poorly put together swap as being ungrateful, and that I should be happy I got anything.

This is just the attitude I'm talking about. I would like to thank her for proving my point.

I decided to sign up for one more swap. If I'm sent another crap package, I'm done. Out. Fini. I can't be bothered wasting weeks of my time, putting together a swap tailored for a specific person in mind when all I get back is stuff that is listed on my "please do not send" list.

The "Kitchen In A Box" swap was awesome and I got a lot of really great stuff, so that was a positive experience. But, I'm thinking of starting my own swap so I can finally swap with equally creative people. If you're interested, let me know and together we can think of a theme. Oh, and I started a new recipe swap. The last one was a hit. So sign up here if you're interested. Oh and I have a BBQ Recipe swap going, too :)

and for Lucas, here's a cute picture of Lola:
Lola Looking out the Window


Karyn said...
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Honey Bunny said...

i'm not in it because i want free stuff. i'm in it because i like the idea of exchanging creative stuff with other creative people. when you get a box filled with dollar store stuff and a bag of ramen noodles, that's hardly creative, you know?

i DO like giving and i like it even more when my partner likes what i've put together for her. but seriously, i'd like for someone to just consider what i like for once, yannow?

Karyn said...

Sorry HB - I never intented to imply that you were in the swaps to get free stuff.

My own success rate with swaps has been about 70/30 - and that's 70% crap, 30% good times! So I know what it's like to take so much time and effort and care - then get a box of junk in return.

sorry again.

Honey Bunny said...


no! i'm sorry you deleted your comment! i wasn't mad at what you said at all :( i was just stating my side of it. there ARE people who are in it for free stuff, but i'm in it to swap creative projects with other peeps from around the world. i know you weren't implying that i just wanted free things.

please don't apologize. i probably should have worded my comment differently. i'm not angry :)

you and i should do a swap some time. that would be awesome!!