Thursday, June 15, 2006

Me and the Hubs

Me and the Hubs
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The baseball game was awesome, even though the Sox lost HORRIBLY! Seriously, what the hell? Anyway, we had really great seats and the Metrodome isn't as horrible as people make it out to be. At least in my opinion.

I'd write more, but it's 12:52am and I'm exhausted. I had a stomach ache and a serious headache for the majority of the day, but I'm better now. I better get to bed. I have to close up the store tomorrow.

Goodnight, everyone!


fluffy said...

nuthin hotter than a girl in a Sox hat!

i keep meaning to go to a Devil Rays game when they play the Sox, since apparently nobody goes to DR games down here, which seems so weird to me. they are more into football than baseball here for some reason.

Honey Bunny said...

you should go!

seriously, we had the best seats last night. i'd never get that close to the field at fenway without having to take out a small loan. our tickets last night were a mere $26! it's just too bad that the sox aren't coming back to mpls this year. unless, of course, they are in the playoffs together.

fluffy said...

yeah we probably will. maybe i will go when they play the yankees. would be fun to throw stuff at them! of course, even in tampa i bet yankees fans will outnumber rays ones.