Wednesday, June 28, 2006

More Pictures, I Know

I'm sure everyone is completely tired of seeing pictures posted all over this blog, but I have to confess - I'm obsessed with flickr. I can't help it. It's so much fun and easy to use. So just read the following and deal, ok? Besides, visual aides are never a bad thing.

Amazingly, today has been seriously busy for me. Here's what's been accomplished since 10am click all photos to enlarge and see notes if you want

  • all laundry washed & dried (p), folded (j) and put away (p&j).

  • two packages were signed for from two swaps I belong to:

    • got great stuff from my spooky swap (from MA!):
      Spooky Mail Swap June Received

      as well as my colorific-swap-o-rama (from Israel!):
      July Colorific Swap-o-Rama Received

  • rode bikes to Pizza Luce for lunch. Delicious pizza was consumed.

  • made a new catnip toy for Lola, since she tore the last one apart.

  • packed up my swaps that have to be sent out:

      this one goes to Sweden for the Feline swap
      Feline Flip-Flop Swap

      this one goes to Portugal for the colorific swap. If you couldn't tell, the colors are brown and baby blue:
      Baby Blue/Turquoise and Brown Swap for July

  • made delicious strawberry frozen yogurt pies for dessert this week:

  • Tasty Low Fat Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Pie

  • cleaned up my "office space" a bit, since it was a disaster area

  • played with Lola

    and here's what I'm going to do in the next 5 hours:

  • nap
  • try to find lilac's new mouse cat toy. She lost it already :(
  • make herb-y chicken for dinner with some potatoes
  • watch the red sox game
  • eat aforementioned pie
  • sleep

    Hope everyone had a nice day! And I'm sorry I haven't commented in many of your blogs. I've been so busy with stuff here that I just don't have a chance. I hope to change that soon, though.

    Karyn said...

    Yay! for swaps.

    Don't stop posting photos - blogs with photos are like reading magazines - all wordy goodness with pictures (!).

    love your blog.

    * we have to swap soon!


    Cat said...

    I agree, I LOVE pic's on blog's! I am so wanting a piece of that pie! I am going to have to try and make it soon! I LOVE strawberry anything! And this one sounds easy and healthyish! YUMMY!

    Have a great day. I sounds like you are super busy. I am too, but only at both my jobs... nothing fun... oh well! This weekend I will have some fun. Not sure doing what, but I will make sure it is lots of fun!