Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chef Tom Douglas

Chef Tom Douglas
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Chef Tom Douglas was in our store today, giving a demonstration as well as promoting his new book I Love Crabcakes. It was pretty interesting, but I just wish I could have tasted the finished product. The crabcakes were swooped up faster than I could say crabcakes. Oh well. That's ok.

Ironically, he's on Iron Chef America right now. So, if you're into the Iron Chef like I am, tune in. I love this show, but I like the Iron Chef original better.

To answer a comment that was left, yes, I still love my job and love working at the bookstore. I love my coworkers and the customers aren't all that bad, either. The hours are just right and my commute is a breeze. The only complaint is the pay, but that's no one's fault but the owner's.

That's all I've got for tonight. Oh, I went swimming again at Lake Harriet. It was very relaxing. It's supposed to be a scorcher this weekend, so I'll probably go again. I'm kind of glad I have to work so I won't be sweating and cursing at home. I just hope Lola doesn't sweat to death. Poor puddy...

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fluffy said...

yeah bookstore appearances are weird things. you never know what to expect from the audience. we had some pulp sci-fi and mystery writers come in from time to time, and their fans are an odd lot. but yeah, for the most part bookstore jobs rock.