Saturday, September 09, 2006

It's True What They Say

If someone somewhere is giving something away for free, every nutjob and unwashed citizen will come out of the woodwork in order to get a piece of the pie.
It's not even 10am and already I've been faced with 20+ crazies who need me to check to see if their Macy's gift card is the OMG! WINNER!
It's so bizarre. Slap a red star on the outside of a building and suddenly it's like a brand new never-before-seen department store. Earth to you: it's the same crap on the inside as yesterday. And it will be the same crap housed here tomorrow, too.
I've never hated retail more than I do today. It could also be the fact that I had to catch the frickin 7:30am bus in order to get here on time. I'm NOT a morning person.
Is it 4pm yet? Kill me now.

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Ron Southern said...

What fun! Keep it up and in 30 more years you'll catch up with me. You won't be pleased then, either! Enjoy your blog, though!