Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nostalgia Saturday - Air Supply

Ok, it's Saturday again (already?) and so I'm going to post another video that brings me back to a certain time in my life. Now for this video choice, I have to say that the nostalgia isn't exactly, uh, happy. I chose this song because in 1980 I was five years old and my mom was an ENORMOUS Air Supply fan. I mean, she LOVED Air Supply. She would play the album over and over and over again. When it came on in the car, she'd turn it up. I even remember it playing on the radio on the school bus. If any song is going to induce motion sickness, it's this one. So my five year old brain constantly had this song on repeat. It was not fun at all.

Sure, there were so many cooler songs in 1980 that I could have chosen to make myself (and this blog) seem pretty hip and cool. But seriously, I didn't know who Gary Numan, Devo, or Blondie were in 1980. So I was stuck with Air Supply.


The really weird thing about this is that in 1980 my mom was 31. I'm (almost 31) right now. Trippy.

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soapboxhero said...

Sadly, I used to think Air Supply's lead singer was a woman. LOL!