Thursday, October 05, 2006

Post Birthday Post

I did a lot of lounging around yesterday for my birthday. Phillip and I watched the twins game, ate lunch, and did a lot of reading. At 6 we went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. We both had never been there before, so Phillip thought it would be fun to go on my birthday. Plus, he had a $50 gift certificate to use, so we pretty much got dinner for free. So that was A-OK with me. The waitress even brought me a free dessert because it was my birthday. Sweet.

The HRC is ok, but totally a tourist trap. The big problem I had was that I didn't see any PRINCE stuff*. None. What the hell? The only local band stuff I saw was Husker Du. And we walked around the whole place. So I was pretty disappointed in that. The food is too expensive for the quality. Like I said, total tourist trap. I had a cheesebuger with sweet potato fries for $12. That's a bit steep. Anyway, the food wasn't so hot, but again, it was free for us, so we didn't have anything to lose.

Here's me at dinner:
Hard Rock Birthday

Phillip had a great surprise for me, but it didn't work out. After dinner, we walked over to the Gay 90s. I thought he was taking me to a drag show (I love me some drag queens!) but NO! Instead, he was taking me to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch!! BUT! The show was canceled for reasons we don't know, so we didn't even get to see it. I was pretty sad, but it wasn't Phillip's fault at all. He was quite bummed out, too. It was still a great surprise and one that means a lot to me. We hope to get back to the 90s to see the show before it closes at the end of the month.

So with the Hedwig plans squashed, we went to the Block E theater and saw the Illusionist. I really liked it a lot. I was pretty surprised by the ending, but Phillip wasn't. He always catches on to the twists way before I do. But he said he still liked it.

We were home by 10 to watch the Daily Show. Even though I didn't get to see Hedwig, I still had a great birthday. And Phillip got me a Napoleon dynamite card which cracked me up. Oh, and I made myself some birthday cupcakes. They were/are delish.

Hard Rock Birthday

My mom in law should be here any minute. I better straighten up a bit. My house is a sty. :(

*after consulting the website, I guess all the prince stuff is on the upper level where we didn't go. Bah.

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