Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Well, it's technically All Souls Day right now, but I just got home so it's still Halloween to me.

I had a whole awesome costume idea in my head for the past month. I worked on the skirt and the boots and the shrug and everything for the past week. When I put it all together, it looked REAL BAD. i mean, really bad. So I had to scrap my original idea of being Snot Girl, Superhero. So instead, I went as Your Fairy Snot Mother.

Fairy Snot Mother

My Tissue Box Scepter

this is the tissue box scepter i made that i really love. it's a paper mache box that i used. i cut a slit at the top of the lid and filled the box with toilet paper squares (they fit perfectly!!). I puffed out a few at the top so it looks like a real tissue box. i decorated it with silver glitter stars and made hot glue gun drips for "snot".

My costume is kind of lame, but I literally threw it on at 9:30 tonight, after being exasperated by my other costume. It looked really bad and didn't fit right and I was already self conscious enough so I decided to put the sparkly dress on and call it a night.

We didn't stay out all that long, only about 2 hours. I hate to say this, but I think I'm outgrowing Halloween! ACK! I just didn't have a very good time. I think I'm better suited going to small Halloween parties instead of large clubs with drunken 18 year olds acting like assfaces. So next year, I hope I meet some people who are either hosting a party or that will come to a party that WE host.

Here's Phillip dressed as "Boogerman"...a character he dressed up as a kid. According to him, this outfit is pretty much what he wore 32 years ago! HA! Enjoy!


Lola NOT Having Fun
Here he is, zapping boogers out of Lola!

And, of course, here are photos of Lola before and after I tried putting stuff on her for the special occasion of Halloween. She wasn't having any of it!

Lola Dressed Up

Lola Dressed Up

Lola Dressed Up

Man...she's PISSED!

Sorry they are kind of blurry. She was moving and I was laughing too hard. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!


Anonymous said...

that last picture of lola is great! it's almost like she's saying, "um, mom? like, seriously? first you put that mask contraption on my face, and then you put that fabric-y thing on my head, and... can we just stop now? i'm totally over this."

Anonymous said...

Hey, saw your kelly post on youtube and thought you my like to know this tid bit of information...


watch her website for "furder instruction"

fluffy said...

ok one, the cat in the mask and cape is the best pic ive seen in weeks. my cat would have ripped my face off if i had tried that.

second, i never noticed before, but you guys have a really nice looking apartment. the wood trim, the floors, the wall colors. id kill for a place that looks that nice.

Lucas said...

You should totally submit that one of Lola in the cape and mask to Stuff On My Cat at I'll bet they would publish it.

Lucas said...

It's awesome! Love your sceptor as well and boogerman? Snotastic!

Honey Bunny said...

hey lucas! i should! i love stuff on my cat :) and thanks for the compliments on our halloween costumes. i hope to make better ones for next year.