Saturday, November 25, 2006

Holiday Wishes List

This is floating around the blog-o-sphere, so I figured I'd post it here as well. Maybe someone will grant one of my wishes. I've already granted two wishes of two total strangers, so maybe that kindness will come back to me. I'm not going to post my address for the world to see, but if you'd like it, you can email me and I'll send it to you, no problem!

So without further adieu, here are my consumerism-at-its-worst wishes for this year.

  • To have my credit card debt totally wiped out. My outstanding balance: $5,000 +/- This is split between three cards. I think my credit card debt stresses me out the most. I am aware that I'm not as bad off as most Americans, but $5K is still a lot of money to owe the man. If 1 person donates $5,000, or if 2 people donate $2,5000, or if 10 people donate $500, or if 50 people donate $100, or if 100 people donate $50, or if 200 people donate $25, or if 250 people donate $20, or if 500 people donate $10, or if 5000 people donate $1, I'LL BE DEBT FREE! And that would be a very good thing! Button at the top of the page.

  • I love to cook, but I have no utensils (only one sharp knife in the whole house!) or any pots (seriously! not one pot!) so I wish for this and this. Or something similar. Just so I can cook some soup on the stove, instead of having to use the microwave.

  • Gift certificates to Target, BB&B, Best Buy, or even my local grocery store (because groceries add up fast!)

  • A netflix subscription gift. I already have an account, so a few months of free movies would be just swell. For sure.

  • I love cupcakes! I'm a little obsessed over them. I wish for anything with a cupcake on it, in it, around it, or made for it. The more creative or (hand made)the better.

  • I'm a crafty person. I like to make jewelry and other crafts. I wish for a gift certificate to Fire Mountain Gems, Joann Fabrics, Michaels Arts and Crafts, and/or And check out my etsy store for some holiday gift ideas!

  • Lola loves treats! I wish someone would send her some yummy treats or cat toys. She will eat anything, and she especially loves those toy fuzzy mice that feel like the real thing.

  • My friend Brandee went to Vegas with her b-friend in September and she got me a totally tacky vegas oven mitt. I think I want to start a collection. So if you find one in your dollar store/discount shop from the city/state/country in which you live, I'd totally love that! The more tacky/unusual the better.

  • Anything on my amazon wish list.

  • LUSH gift certificates since the nearest LUSH store is 8+ hours away in Chicago, I have to order everything online. Shipping from Canada is expensive. Bah!

  • A membership to the YWCA so I can swim whenever I want.

  • A new backpack to replace the one that was stolen a year ago when out apartment was robbed. I'm not a purse girl. I need all my stuff with me in a big ol backpack.

  • Artist Trading Cards. I've started making and collecting these, so if you're also one who enjoys making and sending ATCs, let me know!

  • Cookbooks or cooking magazines. New or used. Doesn't matter to me.

  • Peace on earth, independence from foreign oil, continued good health for me, Phillip, and all the people we love, and the prospect of forming new and lasting friendships here in Minneapolis.

    I've already fulfilled one wish, and i hope to do at least two more within the next two weeks. Happy Holidays to everyone!

    T said...

    if you haven't should totally join where ATCs and cupcake crafts run rampant! ;)

    (i came across yr blog from pile of sassy!)

    Honey Bunny said...

    hi T!

    thanks so much for letting me know about craftster! i'll have to check it out!