Monday, November 13, 2006

State of the Blog Nation

Dear Loyal Reader,

We here at Honey Bunny strive to provide entertaining stories, funny videos, and silly pictures to you, the reader, on a semi-regular basis. But lately, Honey, our CEO and founder, has not been feeling very well. She's lost her sense of self (and some say, sense of humor, too). We have searched high and low, but we are unable to locate them. We would like to apologize on her behalf and assure you that once her depression lifts, debts are resolved, and creativity returns, she will be back on the Blogging Track.

We are concerned for her welfare, so we must take a short break while we take care of her needs. Honey Bunny thanks her loyal readers and promises to return after a short hiatus. In the mean time, check out the great bloggers Honey Bunny features in the Blogroll. We're sure you'll find something, or someone, interesting.

Thanks for your understanding. If you would like to contact Honey, please use the email link in her profile.


Honey Bunny Staff

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